No Sales Tax on Hurricane Supplies

No Sales Tax on Hurricane Supplies

April 29, 2022

MAY 28 - JUNE 10

To help Florida residents prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, certain disaster supplies will be tax-free for two weeks starting May 28th. Supplies for evacuating with pets such as food, leashes, and bedding will also be tax-free.

Here is a partial list of the hurricane supplies that will be tax-free:

  • Portable self-powered light sources like flashlights, lanterns, and candles that cost $40 or less.
  • Portable self-powered radios, two-way radios, and weather band radios that cost $50 or less.
  • Tarps or other waterproof sheeting that cost $100 or less.
  • Batteries that cost $50 or less (excluding auto and boat batteries).
  • Coolers that cost $60 or less.
  • Portable generators that cost $1,000 or less.
  • Reusable ice (blue ice) that costs $20 or less.
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers that cost $70 or less.
  • Portable kennels and pet carriers that cost $100 or less
  • Bags of dry pet food that cost $30 or less.
  • Cans or pouches of wet pet food that cost $2 or less each.
  • Leashes and collars that cost $20 or less.
  • Collapsible or travel-sized food and water bowls that cost $15 or less.
  • Cat litter that costs $25 or less.
  • Pet beds that cost $40 or less.

If your business sells any of these items, you must temporarily stop collecting the state sales tax on these items from May 28th through June 10th. The Florida Department of Revenue will send all retailers a Taxpayer Information Publication that contains a detailed list of tax-free items in early May. If you have questions, you can call the Department of Revenue’s toll-free Taxpayer Services line at 800-352-3671.